Programs & Services

More than 85 percent of what a child learns is derived through vision and incidental learning before the age of five. Vision provides the motivation to explore one's environment and to understand one's position in space, and it is an important modality for the acquisition of speech and language. We believe vision is so crucial to the early development of a child that it is imperative we provide early intervention to help develop the other senses, to maximize the child's residual vision and to integrate visual and compensatory strategies into daily routines, play activities and all learning opportunities.

CCVI offers a comprehensive program, including individualized therapy, consulting services and supportive family education. Services are provided beginning in infancy through our home-based Infant Program, and continue on with our Preschool & Kindergarten classes, preparing children for entry into the public or private school systems. Specialized services include braille instruction, orientation and mobility, deafblind services, assistive technology, low vision training, speech, occupational, physical and aquatic therapies and family support. CCVI also provides itinerant and consulting services to area school districts.

CCVI staff includes professionals in occupational, speech/language and physical therapies, as well as in the specialized instruction areas of braille and orientation and mobility. CCVI teachers are certified in Early Childhood Special Education and Blind/Partially Sighted.

CCVI is currently serving 224 children from both sides of the state line:

  • 111 children in the Infant Program
  • 51 children in the Preschool & Kindergarten Program, plus 26 sighted peers
  • 36 children in the Outreach Program.